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Introducing Aura



In ancient Greek and Roman mythology Aura was a deity that represented the gentle breeze of the early morning



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Make a Statement with Aura

 Aura is an expressive piece that will undoubtedly start the conversation in any space.

“ I wanted to design an object that was iconic and timeless, that people would want to keep for a long time”. 
Marco Gallegos - Designer





Simplicity is the key

Aura consists of a straight forward construction where all parts of the fan have been re-thought, and in the process, stripped to the bare minimum: cage, propeller, base, motor components.

A shift of scale keeps the wooden blades away from reach and allows to eliminate the cage. The new design foregrounds the  propeller as the most noticeable feature of the fan.


Attention to Detail

We have selected high quality materials to manufacture Aura.

A lightweight aluminum frame construction with a powder coated finish has been engineered for an easy assembly.

The propeller blades and legs are crafted out of North American Ash.

The exposed hardware acts as an understated embellishment that compliments the overall design.




We want Aura to last for a long time. We focus on quality and perfecting every detail. We utilize state of the art processes and  produce in small quantities at a time, assuring that our customers will receive a truly awesome experience and great product every time.


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